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Savio Cajetan DSouza
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Savio Cajetan DSouza

Savio Cajetan DSouza is an Uplifting Trance Producer & DJ. He also produces ambient and chill out tunes. "Apricity is his latest ambient/chillout offering. Besides producing music, he also host two podcast specialising in Trance & Progressive, as well as Lounge & Chill Out music. Each week he picks his favorite Top 5 trance & progressive tracks and mixes them on "The Savio Cajetan DSouza podcast". Also his baby "A State Of Sav" is on it's 13th Episode. This show features his top 5 Ambient, Lounge & Chill Out tracks hand picked by him. His music is all about 'uplifting your mind' so to speak by bringing in a mix of emotional, uplifting and Euphoric sounds to the table and mashing them up to produce gems like Northern lights and Apricity. He says that it's all about feeling the emotions when you listen to his tracks.

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