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DJ Alec Devil!/djalecdevil

The passion for music came with DJ Alec Devil already early. At the age of 10jears he already noticed, which he has a fabele for electronic music. Everything had begun with the music of Culture Beat, Snap, La Bouche etc. ....... At the dte rodent age its music taste always developed itself further. You this time it to it the music of Comic Gate, Blank & Jones and Tomcraft had done. When then the time of VIVA Club Rotation came, it had purged totally to this music. By the many recordings from the clubs and Discos slowly its attention continued to direct ever toward the DJs. This interest in this work and Appearances of the DJs it went then so far that he added himself in the year 2000 even the necessary equipment and equal plates. Its first plates which it had procured themselves not to also expect was differently from Tomcraft and Blank & Jones. Two years later it became by accident attentive on Radio Sunshine Live one. Before loud enthusiasm it became the master listener of this transmitter. With this enthusiasm and that variety at different music directions in things of electronic music rose also its interest in other styles. Music styles it particularly did to it, Hardstyle. By DJ Warmduscher he came to this style, to pair of in transmissions is he also its model become which Djing and the music concerns. In the summer 2009 was that present for DJ Alec Devil not enough. It caught to even its own music to produce, because only Song it is in saved Schranz made to arrange

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