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Francois S

Francois S is a veteran of electronic music with 16 years of experience. His extraordinary talent developed him into an extremely high-ranking South African DJ and Producer.

Born in Bloemfontein (South Africa), Francois grew up with a passion for music and a DJ dream. In 1998, Francois started out as a student of a local club DJ and friend. Francois quickly learned the basics of beat matching and crowd rocking.

To expand his experience and reach international crowds, Francois moved to London UK in 2002. London life and clubbing exposed him to many different styles of music and a variety of moods and events. He keenly observed the styles of many of the cities’ top talent. This allowed Francois to develop his own unique and interesting style.

In 2003, Francois took part in the ‘Serious Mixing’ DJ Competition Finals, held at Turnmills Night Club in London. This was an early career highlight.

Francois, never content to playing one singular style, pursued many style variations and influences. He mixed and perfected his experiences to form a personalized blend. Early in his career, with his superior ear for the music and top notch beat matching skills, he took three styles: hard style, hard house and hard trance and molded them into his own singular signature high energy and hard edge style! Francois’s unique blend of genres hovers on the realm of tech- and psi-trance DJ-entertainment.

To broaden his capability of reaching new fans, he tried his hand at House and Electro. Having had the chance to play alongside Roman Pushkin, DJ Chad Rock (LABA), the Inland Knights, Pete Tong, Ken ECB (East coast Boogieman), Aquila ganja and Travis Kell, to name a few, played a huge influential role in the further development of Francois’s block rocking style. This secured him a spot at many of London’s dance venues such as Ministry of Sound, The Fridge. Turnmills, Fire, The Medusa, Ember, Clockwork Orange, The Captain Cook and many more smaller venues across London as well as underground clubs in LA (USA).

Francois moved the role of a producer of his signature driving beat based music.

This highly sought after talented DJ has been playing all over Johannesburg at events like Discotech, Synergy, and playing alongside the likes of Milkshake, Mark Stent, Lady Lea, Disco D, Kabz, Dj Ivy, Sir Scully, Dizzy, Royal K, Morgan, Small Paul, Nick Supply, Rob Toca, Jimmy Chronic, Lindi Lush, Ricco Dex, Amy-Lectri, to name just a few, since returning to South Africa in 2009.

Francois, currently being in his musical prime, his very impressive command over the DJ booth and the reflection of his extraordinary commitment to the each and every mix makes him unique and very well sorted after, globally.

Francoise S is a truly talented producer and performer, always keen for a mix!

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