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Marcelo Fares, known by the stage name of MarcelΘ LOxxx:
It is a lover of electronic music dedicated to Trance Music. My passion comes from the 7 years old when I began to hear the success known as "Evissa - Move You Body, Gala, among others.
The choice of my stage name came from the fact that "LOxxx" means to be differential, and the permanence of Marcellus, demonstrates his originality.

My history with music:
Since the age of nine, always had a predilection for electronic music. I started listening to dance music, the 1990s, artists such as:
• Gala
• Eivissa
• Gigi D'Agostino,
• Gabry Ponte and others.

Around the year 2000, I began to learn other styles of electronic music such as Italo Dance and Dance Belgo, the main artists, the following:
• Milk Inc
• Sylver
• Regi Penxten
• Dj Ross
• DJ Aligator
• Erika
• Lasgo, among others.

In mid-2006 until 2009, I began to appreciate the style popularly known as "House Music", with the major artists:
• Bobby Sinclar
• John Dahlbäck

And finally, I was not satisfied with the house music genre, in my view, an element missing, something else that could infect and draw more public attention.
In view of this, I tried other styles, until I became interested in Trance Music, listening to the songs of Armin van Buuren feat. VanVelzen - Broken Tonight, Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns - This Light Between Us and Armin Van Buuren Feat Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love. Trance means for me "soul", "magic", the environment and everything that makes life more beautiful and attractive. When I started listening to Trance, I realized that you really "Levite" to hear and enjoy the song, it takes you to a trance state of mind reassuring, and at the same time with much emotion.
Trance Unfortunately here in Brazil is not very well known, and therefore well accepted. This style does not see you playing on radios, TVs and others do not become popular and because of this unknown. In clubs and festivals in Brazil, it is rare you see a DJ specializing in Trance Music playing, much less produce.
The Trance is a style that erupts in eastern Europe and other countries such as Spain, Holland, Belgium, England and eoutros.

I liked this style so I started putting my hands dirty, creating sets with the best playlist selected by me, and publishing them in this virtual world .. This hobby was going too far, until I met Mark Maddux, DJ and producer specializing in house music, which I entered in the musical world, helping me develop a talent hitherto unknown to me.
With your help, I developed the first production called Symphonia (Original Mix), where I received many compliments by renowned DJs and producers. Because of all this is new to me, I did the second production called illuminate (Original Mix), where there was good acceptance, and from then until then, I realized that a song can not be built loca hello, and yes, you need time and study for its realization.
After some time, just launching the third generation, called "Desert of. Trance ", where is was so well received by reputed producers, I just closed a contract with a record out of país.Vendo that moment, that my musical productions were a hit, I started working and studying strongly to munch on my fourth production. And it was different, this one with a maximum degree of acceptance by the public, "Voices From The beyound" began
receiving several excellent reviews, and consequently the increasing popularity and is even more recognized by producers and DJs of renown. This production has created a bond with burner from outside the country, and sold the biggest portal for buying and selling of electronic music in the world, called "Beatport".

Future Projections:
Given the success I have had in my musical productions, there is no doubt that the Trance productions, but still, even more melodic and professional, reaching the target audience for this style. Regarding future projects, only God knows what will come. I'm working on another project that has not launched yet, which will be available late this month, called "The World of Ecstasy (Original MIx)".
My productions are jackpots that I'm building at the time, born of my imagination, my time with art and musical wisdom.

About my style:
I consider myself to one style of creation, not running away from the usual elements that provide the Trance fans of this style.
I like and I draw on other renowned producers of this style, known as:
• Armin Van Buuren
• Daniel Kandi
• Markus Schulz
• Dash Berlin
• Roger Slah

I warmly thank all the fans who enjoy my pages, publications, and those who follow my productions and interact with me.
To my family especially, for supporting me always in need, those who voted in the ranking of Reverbnation, and find myself in the first place, representing the state of Rio Grande do Sul
Thanks also to DJ FAT / SP for companionship, patience, and that always gives me strength., As well as to Paul Foltz, who guided me a lot in search of the right way. And finally, the Mark Maddux, for having guided me on this journey in search of success, handing me their experiences, opinions, and experiences in the music business.

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